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How to throw the best birthday party ever!

How to throw the best birthday party ever!

Hey birthday girls!

Enjoying a birthday party is easy. Making and organizing a birthday party is hard. All birthday parties need mouth watering food, refreshing drinks, good music, awesome people, and more birthday fun. Here's our checklist and guide on how to plan your next great birthday party

Invite all the party people

Friends, family, and anyone that is a party animal is invited. People that chat often, laid back, and anyone that helps the party mood are welcome. Invite people using facebook or other social media. Or via text if you know people's numbers. Do have a guest limit and do not invite more guests than your party venue can handle.

Plan some interesting birthday party decor

Pick a event place and time whether it be a ball room or your own house. Plan out how you want to decorate it. Is it a summer pool party? Get a bunch of inflatables, streamers, confetti, and flamingo bird displays for that tropical look. Is it a tea party? Get all the tea and sweet snacks prepared. If it's a party out on the patio at night, get some candles to make a calm and relaxing mood while still keeping the light on. At a night club, all the decor there will be dance lights and multicolored lights.

Prepare the birthday shirt and other things to wear

Birthday shirts are a way to celebrate your birthday.  You can even change up your birthday style to a birthday hoodie, birthday tank top, or a long sleeved birthday shirt. Add more birthday elegance by wearing a birthday sash or a birthday tiara to bring up the birthday mood!

Get birthday food or catering on the day of the party

Whether you choose to use catering services or make it yourself, people love food where they can grab and go. Food like chips with salsa, chocolate chipcookies, assorted nuts on a platter, cheese to go with wine, berries of all kinds, and anything that can be eaten with a hand. Less utensils the better except when it comes to cake and brownies. Birthday cakes are always welcome, but provide plastic utensils, napkins, and paper plates so your guests can eat the birthday cake. If it's your 21st birthday, order drinks or have a place to make drinks at the birthday party. After the party, make sure the catering service cleans up, or you clean up any left overs after the party ends.

Invite people over and have a blast

Once you have all these birthday essentials in place, you're ready to chill with your friends, dance, and have a good time. The birthday party is supposed to be a fun event so when you've done every birthday planning step, it's time to not worry anymore and enjoy your birthday party.

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