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The best birthday gifts for her

The best birthday gifts for her

Hey birthday girls! Birthday gift giving can be either fun or stressful. Gift giving is an art of not giving the birthday girl the wrong birthday gift or a bad birthday gift. Here's some birthday gift ideas for her that will sure please her and make her happy on her birthday or maybe for your birthday as well! ; )

Make a beauty kit for her birthday

As either a birthday box or a birthday basket, make a beauty kit of some products she can use. This can be a combination of beauty and spa products to help relax and feel good when she needs some time to herself. Add hand lotions and body lotions to sooth her skin on hot days. Add makeup that she can use daily so she will be good to go to look her best. A gel mask can be a great birthday gift as it will make her headaches go away and cool her eyes on stressful days. Masks, creams, exfoliants, and other body care products can be great gift ideas. Make it a spa day on her birthday and celebrate her special day.

Get her a birthday tshirt for her birthday

A birthday shirt is a shirt to celebrate one's birthday! Our birthday shirts are available in a few colors with that luxurious cotton feel! Birthday Girl also offers custom birthday shirts as an option to make a birthday shirt for yourself or for a special someone. An idea to use is put the birthday shirt in a birthday box. A birthday box can be a a box filled with birthday shirts and with other birthday gifts like a birthday sash or a birthday glass for birthday drinks. Wrap up the box and give to her on her birthday for a birthday surprise.

Have some birthday fun with a laser tag party

Remember the arcade games at the mall? The times when you were a kid and had fun running around?  If she has the kid in her when it comes to fun, get her a fun experience by inviting her to some laser tag or other fun, fast-paced game or activity on her birthday. Get together with friends and her to play a game of tag. Some other alternatives would be paint ball, outdoor sports, or horseback riding for a fun and unique birthday experience. Do take her to a fun event that she likes, but do not take her to a place that she might not like or a place you know she will hate, maybe like a monster truck rally or a concert where none of her favorite bands are playing.

These birthday gifts will make your bestie smile and give her plenty of birthday memories. Make sure she has fun on her birthday and wish her a happy birthday!

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