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Top 3 birthday gifts for your BFF!

Top 3 birthday gifts for your BFF!

Giving birthday gifts to your bestie is one of the most fun things you can do for her birthday! Since you're her friend, you don't want to miss a chance to give a birthday gift to her! Here's more reasons why these top three gifts are perfect for your friend!

A fun day with you and her friends!

All birthday celebrations call for good food, friends, and fun! Organize a surprise birthday party for her on her birthday or over the nearest weekend. Make sure not to let her know about it. It has to be one of the biggest secrets of the year! Decorate the party place with birthday decorations, birthday treats, and birthday activities such as board games, movies, or video games! Make up a plan to get her into the place in a way that she won't guess what will happen next. It could be you all want to take her to your place for a girls night out, or even just to ask her to help you with a few homework problems. Once you got her, yell surprise!!! and bring out the birthday cake!

Birthday tshirts make any birthday better

Help her make a statement on her birthday by giving her a soft, comfortable birthday shirt for her birthday party! Our birthday shirts come in all sizes and styles, so there's a birthday shirt for everyone! Custom birthday shirts are another kind of birthday shirt you could get for your BFF! Choose the color, name, size, and birthday shirt style and you're off to a great start on her birthday gift! You could even put any birthday shirt you buy for your friend into a birthday box!

Give her a birthday gift basket with not just gifts but memories

A birthday gift basket can be filled with whatever the birthday girl likes. It can be movie passes, gift cards, stuffed animals, or maybe even a birthday tiara. Use this opportunity to make a few hand made gifts of your own. Like the time you all went on a trip and took pictures? Make that into a scrapbook present. Or maybe a gift that is a symbol of a joke or thing you all did together. If it's her 21st birthday, get her a 21st birthday drink basket filled with wine, hangover kit, and snacks for her 21st birthday night! Decorate the basket with glitter, streamers, balloons, ribbons, and more to make her birthday gift basket more fancy! Whatever you do, it will be a great birthday gift idea for her!

With birthday shirts, birthday surprise parties, and birthday gift baskets, you can surely bring a smile to your friend's face and make her week a little more special with these top birthday gift ideas.

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