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Top birthday party themes for your birthday

Top birthday party themes for your birthday

Hey birthday girls!

Birthday parties are one of the fun things to do in life. When people have an opportunity to celebrate, they go hard and they go all out. Birthdays are a time to enjoy yourself and party hard! Here are some birthday party ideas for you and your friends.

Start a summer birthday party by the pool

Summer birthday parties can be one of the most fun birthday celebrations ever. All you need are pool supplies like ring inflatables and water rafts, tropical drinks, non alcoholic or alcoholic, party snacks, and of course, your friends involved. Hold the birthday party on a sunny day because a rainy day birthday party isn't just as fun. The dress code of course, is swimwear. Provide some music via pandora radio or any radio streaming service. Top pop songs can be a good music choice for your birthday party or curate your own birthday song playlist. Make sure the pool is chlorinated and set up for people to use. Place seating with umbrellas so people can escape the summer heat when necessary. Provide a few sunscreen bottles so people won't burn up completely on your birthday. When the day or night of the birthday party is done, clean up and remove any left over drinks and trash from outside the pool and inside the pool.

Glow in the dark night life party

When there's darkness, there's light. And when there's a night party, there's always fun involved. Hold the party in a backyard or in a big open room. Provide light from glow in the dark stars, paper lanterns, and burning candles in mason jars. Birthday decor can be the birthday lights plus birthday banners, birthday table setting, and birthday glasses. For birthday food choices, prepare food people can eat with hands such as fruit, chips, half sandwiches, and salted nuts. Barbecue can be good if you're holding the party in the backyard for some tasty outdoor cooking. Clean up any uneaten food once the party ends. More the merrier if your friends help clean up.

Girl's night out birthday party

This birthday party idea is for the girls and her girlfriends. Spend time together with close knit friends in a small party for you all. To liven up the birthday party, have everyone wear birthday tshirts as a fun birthday idea! For food, serve whatever you all like. It may be birthday cupcakes, macarons, or even ice cream. Chill inside for a relaxed birthday party or go to the spa for a get together pampering on your birthday. Go to the mall or even to the movies. Spend time in the park or at a reserved dinner spot in a restaurant. At the end of the day, open your birthday presents from your friends, and pose for birthday selfies.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your birthday. The birthday party is all about you and these birthday party ideas will help you enjoy your birthday party even more.

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