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Top fun birthday gifts for her

Top fun birthday gifts for her

Hey birthday girls!

Many birthday gifts out there are just okay but not WOW-some. Some are super awesome birthday gift ideas like a car but other birthday gifts are just super dull like a pair of socks. You probably don't want to get the super dull birthday gift for your friend or girlfriend right? We got some fun birthday gifts ideas that will have tons of birthday value and fun.

A water park adventure screams fun for her birthday

We all have the kid in ourselves and the kid in ourselves love some classic adventure ideas. From roller coasters to ice cream, this idea involves taking her to a water park and just spending time with her in the sun. Know when her birthday is and surprise her with tickets. In advance, know if she would love to go on her birthday, after work, or even on a weekend when she is free. Get the sunscreen, towels, cooler, and bathing suits and rev up the car for a fun filled birthday mini vacation. Line up for all those water park rides and chill in the pool with a big inflatable ring and tropical drink in hand.

Trip to the spa for her

Nothing beats getting nails done and those cucumber peels. Pamper her with some relaxing spa time for a few hours. You can also do it as a best friend hang out with her on her birthday gift too. Let the spa take away her stress and worries from everyday life to celebrate her birthday and time to cool down and unwind.

Birthday shirts for a fun birthday party outfit

The birthday shirt is for all kinds of birthday parties! Whether she is celebrating a 16th birthday or a 30th birthday, the birthday shirt can be a fun and uplifting way to celebrate her birthday party. Birthday apparel is not just limited to birthday shirts but birthday long sleeved shirts, birthday sashes, birthday tank tops, and even birthday sportswear so you can even use it for working out. We got hot birthday shirts here so check them out for your next birthday outfit!

Offer her a trip to the movies on her birthday

Many people love movies whether it is going to the theater, renting a movie, or using netflix. If it's her birthday soon and she's an avid movie watcher, take her to the movie theaters for some quality time with a fun filled film. Buy tickets in advance to avoid show dates that might sell out the day of the showing. Find out what times are suitable for her and check the showing schedule. Once you're checked in with your snacks and drinks, find a comfortable space to sit and wait for the film to start.

These birthday ideas don't cost much other than your time and appreciation for your bestie! Have fun together on her birthday while celebrating in some birthday apparel and going on a fun birthday adventure!

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