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Unique ways to use a birthday shirt

Unique ways to use a birthday shirt

Hey birthday girls!

Birthday shirts aren't just for just one birthday, but for your friend's birthday, your family member's birthday and more. You can do soooooo many things with a birthday shirt! We'll show some of our favorite birthday shirt ideas to use a birthday shirt. ; )

Use your birthday shirt as a birthday box gift

Fill up an empty gift box with birthday shirts and other birthday presents to create a special birthday gift box. A DIY birthday gift box is filled with lots of birthday goodies within each box. Fill the birthday box with as many birthday shirts as you can. Add drinking accessories if it's a 21st birthday party. Wrap with birthday gift wrap and a birthday bow. Add candy, tickets, and other small gifts you can fit in there to complete the birthday box. Bam! A complete birthday gift set for your bestie!

Wear a 21st birthday shirt to the 21st birthday party

This is a no brainer! You can wear a 21st birthday shirt to a 21st birthday party at a club to get potential free drinks. The bartender will notice the birthday shirt and may give free drinks as long as you also prove that you are 21 and it's your birthday. Spend less time worrying and more time partying, drinking, and having a good time at your 21st birthday party!

Support your friend's birthday by wearing a birthday shirt

Wearing a birthday shirt with the words "I'm with the birthday girl" can be a fun way to celebrate your friend's birthday. Bring in the birthday squad! Surprise your friend with you wearing the shirt and then go to the birthday party. Better yet, get your friend a birthday shirt that says "I'm the birthday girl" as a birthday gift so you two can match even better on her birthday.

Wear the birthday shirt around the house, during a workout, or for sleeping.

Turn your birthday into an everyday lifestyle with this birthday idea. You don't just have to wear the birthday shirt for your birthday or your friend's birthday. You can use it as loungewear as birthday shirts are super comfy to chillax at home! If you need spare shirts for workouts, try wearing a birthday shirt during a workout to stay cool and look good while working out(and get noticed when strangers still think it's your birthday!). And if it's laundry day and you need something to wear to bed, try wearing a birthday shirt as sleepwear with a pair of pajama pants or sweatpants. Re use your birthday shirt for many kinds of uses.

Have fun using your birthday shirt in many different ways. Wear it everywhere or wear it at home, but celebrate life everyday!


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