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5 Unique Gift Ideas for your Long Distance Boo-Thing


52 Things I like about you is a great birthday gift for your long distance boo

"Romeo Romeo, where art thou Romeo?" Well sometimes our Romeo (or Juliet) lives across the country, or maybe even in a different country. If that's the case, then you are in what society likes to call "long-distance relationship." And there's nothing wrong with that! Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? As a part of this relationship, it's still important to let your loved one know that you care about them and miss them. So here at Birthday Girl, we came up with some gifts that will definitely put a smile on their face and maybe a tear or two.


  1. A picture of your two locations on a map in a frame.

An easy and fun way to let your loved one know you’re thinking about them is to get a picture of the state/country they are currently living it, cut it out, and put it next to a picture of the state/country you’re living in. Grab a frame, slide the picture in and boom. For more creativity, add a quote such as “Home is wherever I am with you” or any Taylor Swift lyric for that fact.

 A map of your two locations is a unique birthday gift for your long distance boo

  1. 52 things I like about you.

10 things I hate about you is one of the most beloved and iconic 90’s teen flicks that still holds dear to our hearts today. Who doesn’t remember the poem Kat gives at the end and if you don’t you need to YouTube it now. Taking the idea from Kat, we decided to make a gift idea out of it, and instead of hate we changed it to like. Buy a deck of cards and for each card write something you like about your significant other on it. Be sure when you give it as a gift to tell them, one card per week so they will have a year full of compliments and smiles and that ooey gooey feeling in their stomach.

52 Things I like about you is a great birthday gift for your long distance boo


  1. The sleeping duo.

Our first reaction to seeing this gift was is this possible? Well it is! The genius invention is called Pillow Talk and this is how it works. Before you and your loved one go to sleep, put on the wireless ring sensor. When you or your partner lies on the pillow, the other pillow will slightly glow and give you the ability to hear their heartbeat. Thus feeling a little closer to your loved one. Sweet, sweet dreams.

The sleeping duo is a unique birthday gift idea for your long distance boo


  1. The good old love letter.

We’re bringing it back, we mean way back. Texts and emails are sweet but there is nothing as intimate or endearing as a love letter. Shakespeare became a world famous poet because of his and how can we forget about Noah in the notebook that wrote Allie a letter everyday for a year. This gift not only costs about nothing (a pen, paper, and envelopes all that are required), it will make your loved one happy and is something they can hang up on the wall or look back on when they are sad. These are also the type of gifts that years later, they can pull out and show your grandkids. A gift to last the generations.

Love letters are unique birthday gifts for your long distance boo


  1. Sweater Weather

This gift is from the guy to the girl. It’s something every girl has probably had her eye on since the beginning. No not your wallet. We’re talking about your sweater. Guys, every girl wants to keep your favorite sweater because when they wear it, it reminds them of you and it smells like you, and it feels like you. Just grab your favorite sweater, wrap it in a pretty box, and send it to your girl. Tip: Spray some of your cologne on it before you send it off to make it smell like you. She wil this gift, Birthday Girl guarantee.

.A sweater is a unique birthday gift for her or your long distance boo


The best gifts for any long-distance relationship are the ones from the heart. Make sure to always remind each other howmuch you love them. Distance can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Always celebrate life and love every day, near or far!



Birthday Girl

3 Responses

kaushik biswas
kaushik biswas

September 04, 2016

birthday girl

Nicholas Gradwell
Nicholas Gradwell

October 27, 2014

I love this article birthday girl thank you for writing it, I am currently living in South Africa I met this wonderful woman online she lives in the USA and although we have both acknowledged that we are attracted to each other she has told me that she is not ready emotionally for a relationship mainly because she is still married but waiting to apply for a divorce because there marriage is on the rocks, but needless to say I told her I would wait for her, for when she is ready for a relationship I am so inlove with her that every time I think about her, her smile, her laugh it brings me to tears not because im sad but because im so happy and in love I have often thought how can I be so lucky to have met someone like her? the biggest issue im having to deal with at the moment is how or when to tell her that im inlove with her, I don’t want to scare her away or anything, her birthday is in January so im busy looking for a present to send her and your options are incredible I especially like the the idea of the two maps of our locations and the 52 things I love about you.

sorry for the long comment but thank you for the options above
Love Sick
South Africa

Peter Rocknrich Ejindu
Peter Rocknrich Ejindu

September 10, 2014

I love this article so keep me updated every day.

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