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How to rock your Birthday t-shirt: Party On edition!

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How to rock your Birthday t-shirt: Party On edition!

Hey birthday girls!

Hope you all are celebrating life everyday despite the cold weather! Let's turn things up and show you more tips for your partying needs!

Black boots are in this season

Forgot those clunky winter boots and walk in style with stylish, black boots. They give you a little extra to your height without relying on a full heel. Lower heeled boots are great choices too for this warmer winter season. Boots in grey and dark brown with a suede outside are great for this season too.

Gold chains and gold palettes

A black bag with a gold chain can look stunning in its own way. It'll match nicely with those boots and any dark accessories. We also like to put a ring on that outfit, especially with quartz stone rings being all the rage lately. Earrings by marc jacobs can be a minute way to show off your fashion side but adding a lil subtle bling to it.

Cool in the Winter

Sunglasses are worn by pretty much any fashionista and IT girl to show off her looks. Use it to add that cool vibe look to your outfit. Light brown or traditional black shades are good.

Pink Birthday Shirt

Okay, can't forget this one. Wear that bright pink birthday shirt to contrast with your outfit. Bam! Birthday girl set to party hard! Send those glittery party invites out and get set for your biggest day this year!

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April 16, 2016

I would like to have this for me for my birthday

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