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The Four Essentials to Rockstar Birthday!!!


The Four Essentials to Rockstar Birthday!!!


birthday shirts make any birthday party fun

No one wants to have a lame birthday party, so Birthday Girl World has prepared some birthday party tips to get this party started!


1. Food, Friends, Fashion and Especially Fun! 

You'll want some delicious treats and food prepared. Whether its a traditional  birthday cake, or snacks, your guests will feel more at ease with plenty of food options to enjoy. Consider ordering your cake custom made for that touch of personalization. If short on time, you can also try making food recipes that don't require a ton of baking or custom order everything from a caterer. Snacks may be another good option, as guests won't be too full for dancing and other fun activities. Last but not least, top it off with some drinks! Mojitos, Sangrias, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are not only popular, but eye catching too!


2. Invite your Friends! 

It could be close friends or anyone you consider a friend, but if you prefer a more intimate experience, close friends are the way to go. They want to celebrate your big day just as much as you want to! Send an invite by text, Facebook and Twitter, or mail, but make sure to count how many people will come as you don't want to end up with too many guests than expected!


3. Let's Talk About the Outfit. 

You'll definitely want to look your best today. It could be anything from a nice dress, your favorite top, or even a new birthday shirt to get you noticed! It should be versatile for movement and comfortable to wear in for your big day. It is also the perfect birthday gift idea! No matter whether it be your 18th birthday or your 21st birthday, the birthday shirt is the birthday essential for your birthday party. Add some accessories as needed such as a zodiac necklace, earrings, and perhaps a ring or two for your birthday party. You might also want to go to the salon to style your hair, and do your nails to top off your appearance! Feel free to check out the spa to relax and ease your mind off of birthday preparations. No matter what, you should treat yourself today! It's your birthday and you deserve it.


4. Celebrate in a High Energy, Fun Vibe Space!

It could be going to the club, going to the beach, or maybe at a house party. You'll want this night one to remember. The music should be jammin' and the beats going all night long. The crowd bursts with energy and the drinks keep coming. You might even get free drinks if you're lucky and if it's your 21st birthday! The most important part is to have fun wherever you choose to celebrate and go wild. 

Follow these four essentials and you're on your way to a Rockin' Party! Today is your day, Time to Celebrate, Birthday Girls!

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December 03, 2015

I hope I get have a wonderful time for my 30th birthday I hope dat I enjoy my birthday with lot of fun n laughter n with family n friend n my mean my kids n my. Boyfriend


November 14, 2015

Love the tip it give me a whole lot of ideas and omg can’t wait till my bday 1-24-1986 yes sir and I’m really hoping I can get drunk

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