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Why cake and cocktails is the perfect gift for her 21st Birthday this Fall

HEYYYY 21st birthday girls!


Make your 21st sweet and memorable by creating a fun 21st night some baking, making drinks, and having a blast! With drinks and pastries, what 21st birthday girl wouldn't want to get on that?!!!


Fruity drinks and sweet treats

Prepare some cocktails with your friends by getting fruit juice and any alcohol you need for the party! For example for that classic cosmo, vodka and cranberry juice are the main ingredients while Martinis require gin and an olive for garnish. Drinks vary by ingredients, so make sure to get the right ones for the drinks you all desire.


Bake a cake!

Get some easy bake cake mix, some frosting, and mix it up! You can also make it into mini cupcakes so that the servings can be smaller if the birthday girl and party desires. Too lazy to bake? (Lol!) Get some cupcakes from the bakery and customize it to the birthday girl's needs. Some bakeries might even provide custom flavored alcohol themed cupcakes as well. ; ) If you live in the city, you're guaranteed to find some!


Plan a game or too!

Whether it be watching a movie or perhaps playing a board game, plan something fun to do and talk about! Maybe it's a round of "dare" or a quiz game to show who has the smartypants on, a game to lighten the mood and provide entertainment can add value! to your party. Drinking games? You can go for that too! ; )


Blow out those candles and say HAPPY 21ST!!! birthday girls!


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Jan 04, 2016

What a lovely idea! It was a great read. I am gonna follow these idea for my elder sister’s 21st birthday. Thank you so much. :)
You may find a few pieces along similar lines here

Dec 15, 2015

My happy birthday is coming on February the 14

tenia Williams
Dec 15, 2015

My happy birthday is coming on February the 14

tenia Williams

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