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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Sweet Sixteen Edition

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How to Rock Your Birthday Shirt: Sweet Sixteen Edition

sweet sixteen birthday shirts perfect for a 16th birthday or sweet sixteen party

Hey sweet sixteeners!

A good way to dress for your sweet sixteen birthday outfit is to dress in theme with your sweet 16th birthday! These birthday ideas include light, breezy outfits, feminine colors, and of course, your choice of birthday cake! 

Simple and Easy Colors

Pick whites, pinks, pastels for colors you should use to match and mix with your 16th birthday outfit. Wear white heels and compliment with a white or pastel colored bag for that sweet appeal!

Pastel Pants

Feel free to pair it up with some pastel pants or alternatives like a pink tulle skirt, a short mint green skater skirt, or any other light skirt that will go well with your sweet sixteen birthday party! 

Sweet 16 Birthday Shirt

Can't forget this birthday shirt essential! It's a sweet birthday idea for your 16th birthday outfit to mix and match your own birthday style! Pink, comfortable, and trendy, it's a birthday gift idea for all sweet sixteeners!

Cute accessories

Accessories like aeropostale's charm bracelet or a necklace with a heart and bow can be cute, sweet touches to your sweet sixteen birthday outfit! Add any kind of necklace that is small, but noticeable. The zodiac birthday necklace is another small necklace you can add to your 16th birthday outfit for a sweet touch. You might not want to add a chunky necklace here unless it works with your sweet 16 birthday theme like a small necklace with dazzling pink stones or small flower necklaces.

Now just add  some birthday cupcakes and you're on the way for a sweet 16th birthday outfit!


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Florence Lorfils
Florence Lorfils

January 05, 2017

THANKS! For the discount I know I wool love my Birthday outfit.

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