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The 18th Birthday Tee!

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The 18th Birthday Tee!

Hey birthday girls!

Mark your celebration of turning 18 with the 18th birthday girl T-shirt! Here's to the birthday girls turning 18! The age of independence, a regained sense of youth, and to more partying!

What better way to mark this celebration with the 18th birthday girl t-shirt?! With soft, versatile, cotton with the bold EIGHTEEN on your back and BIRTHDAY GIRL on the front, you can FEEL good and LOOK good all day long! ; )

This 18th birthday T-shirt is also SOOOOO easy to pair up with other outfits and accessories too!!! You can wear your favorite high heels, your favorite lipstick, or maybe your favorite pair of earrings with this 18th birthday shirt! The possibilities are endless!!! Feeling great on your 18th and looking great?! Who could ask for more?! Even better, we now offer a 18th birthday box set so you can get all the birthday love on your 18th birthday!

And that V-neck down the middle?! Mhhmmmm gurl, put a zodiac necklace or custom birthday jewelry on for the ultimate accessory piece!

Everyone from your friends, family, and even people across the street will notice your 18th birthday outfit! Say it loud and proud! And even when the party is over, you can still wear that 18th birthday shirt and cherish it for more birthdays to come!

Here's to the 18th birthday T-shirt! Cheers!!! <3

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zwadi Cheeks
zwadi Cheeks

January 06, 2017

Do you still have the 18th bday shirt?

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