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How to get free stuff on your bday!!!

How to get free stuff on your bday!!!

One of the best holidays that you definitely want to celebrate is your birthday. That special day is all about you, and celebrating everything about you. Another thing that is great about birthdays is getting all the free stuff on your birthdays. From free meals at restaurants, free drinks, savings at your favorite store and so on, the rest of the world wants to treat YOU today! Here's some of top ways of getting freebies on your birthday.

Check your favorite retailers for big birthday discounts and sales on your birthday or birthday month.

Many stores want to celebrate your birthday too with birthday discounts, sales, and more. If you've signed up for certain stores with your address and birthday, watch your inbox around the week of your birthday for store promotions and birthday only sales. Some retailers will even give out a birthday discount the during the month of your birthday! This might be the time of the year to shop birthday gifts for yourself! If you're in the mall for your birthday, try asking the sales clerk for any birthday discounts. The worst you can get is a "no" for an answer. If it works, remember to present a valid ID such as a driver's license or passport. Don't be afraid to try this tip at any store, as these birthday gifts are given out often!

If you're on your 21st birthday, wear a 21st birthday tshirt for free drinks

If you're turning 21, congratulations! May your 21st birthday be filled with joy, good times, and some drinks. However, there may be a way to already get free drinks on your birthday. This birthday idea is to wear a birthday tshirt on your birthday to any bar you like. It must say 21st birthday on it as well. Wear it to the bar, with your friends, and present it to the bartender. He or she may give you a free drink on your 21st birthday. To get a 21st birthday shirt, we recommend as a source for party shirts of all kinds. You can get a 21st birthday shirt made of cotton with a v-neck design and a bold face type print saying "Birthday Girl" on the front and "21" on the back. You can even customize your 21st birthday shirt by adding your name on the back and your favorite number as well. The website sells not only 21st birthday shirts but birthday shirts for all occasions such as 16th birthday, 18th birthday, any kind of birthday, and so on. And if you're successful in getting free drinks, cheers!

Grab a free meal on your birthday by being a member of a store and/or presenting ID

Who doesn't love a free meal? They say no meal is free, but only on your birthday it is! For most offers, you need to be a member of their retail member program or being on an email list for these offers to take place. For example, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts offers a free cup of coffee on your birthday if signed up with their member program. iHop and Denny's offer free breakfast meals on your birthday. There's many kinds of offers out there, and a website like shows many ways to get some birthday freebies. 

The options for birthday freebies are endless! From getting free discounts, birthday drinks, and birthday food, you can have many kinds of birthday gifts on your special day.

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