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How to Have A BOMBtastic Valentine's Themed Birthday Party

Make your birthday party Valentine ready with our Valentine's birthday party ideas


Hey birthday girls!

Valentine's Day is soon, and for all you February birthday girls out there, it's a time of celebrating with loved ones and of course, your Birthday! If you love V-day and your B-day, let's get this party started with some Valentine's inspired birthday party ideas! Read on for more.

Make a red velvet V-Day Cake

It's not a birthday party without birthday cake! A great B-day cake would either be chocolate cake, red velvet cake, or even a birthday cake in the shape of a heart. A great birthday party idea for V-day would be adding V-day chocolates on top of your birthday cake. Yum!

Decorate your place in Valentine's Decorations

It's not a party without birthday decorations. So to make your birthday full of v-day love, get tons of birthday decor. You can find many kinds at party supply places or even Target for cute birthday decor ideas. A Valentine's Day bar can be perfect for a V-day themed 21st birthday party.

Send birthday invites, Valentine's Day style

 Invite your BFFs for a spectacular birthday party, V-day style. Get some cute birthday invites and send them off to your friends that you want at your birthday party. You can make traditional Valentine's with red craft paper, or buy some dorky cute v-day valentine's cards for your beloved birthday guests.

Wear your pink Birthday Shirt!!!

You're the birthday girl and you need to say it loud and proud! Birthdays are the best days cause it's all about you. Valentine's Day is all about pinks and reds, and what else goes better with V-day than our birthday shirts! You're not only Valentine's Day ready, but Birthday ready too! Visit our selection of birthday shirts to get ready for your big day.

We <3 you birthday girls! Celebrate life and spread love on the most important day of your life.

10 Awesome Aquarius Celebrities You Need to Know Right NOW!

We can't get enough of birthdays and celebrity culture. Why not both? Read on for our favorite top 10 celebrity Aquarius birthdays that's out of this world along with fun facts for our favorite Aquarius celebrities.
Inspiring birthday dance parties around the world, she's a well known Aquarius Birthday Girl
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer, super talented actress, is enjoying the Aquarius birthday party this year.
Kerry Washington
It's not a birthday without dance moves.
Ellen DeGeneres
Just keep swimming, cause it's her B-day and guests are always welcome. 
Oprah Winfrey
You get a birthday present , I get a birthday present, we all get birthday presents here!
Emma Roberts
Dorky birthday hats and birthday selfies are a must. #noshame
Alicia Keys
Rocking it birthday style in NY!
Paris Hilton
She's totally the definition of Birthday Queen with the tiara + heels and all. We can't get enough of her super fab 2014 birthday dress.
Sheryl Crow
When a BIG birthday cake arrives at your very own birthday party, you gotta celebrate harder.
Lauren Conrad
Girl Boss Lauren is definitely an Aquarius BG girl. She turns 31 this year.
Did any of these Aquarius birthday girls surprise you? Is your favorite celebrity partying it birthday style soon? Leave a comment below!